In addition to interacting with Natural Resource Navigator data within the online Map Tool, you may download many of the data sets through the links on this page. If there are data sets in the Map Tool that you do not see below, please contact us and we will try to assist you.

Data Documentation

Details on the methods and sources used to create all of the data sets are found in our Data Documentation. Data sets are organized to appear in the same order that they appear within the Map Tool. Click on any data set name in the document’s Contents to view that entry.

Habitat Explorer & Recommendations Background

For details on how the recommendations shown through the Habitat Explorer and the Map Layers in the Map Tool were generated, click the background document.

Data Downloads

Use the links below to download packages containing the data products created for the Navigator. A list of the contents of each data package is provided here.

Certain data sets viewable in the Map Tool are restricted from redistribution and must be requested from the original provider. Other third-party data sets were displayed in the Map Tool with no or minimal alteration and are best obtained from the original source. Documentation for how to obtain each of the Map Layer data sets, including links to the original sources for third-party data, is provided here.

Please note the use restrictions and limitations in the metadata before using these data.