Adaptation to Climate Change in the Transport Sector: A Review

The paper identifies the literature that deals with adaptation to climate change in the transport
sector by means of an extensive search, and presents a systematic review of the publications. Although it is frequently claimed that this socially and economically important sector is particularly vulnerable to climate change, there is comparatively little research into adaptation by industry, utilities and settlements. The 63 sources we found are analysed following an action theory of adaptation that distinguishes different adaptational functions. A very heterogeneous set of adaptations is identified and the actors and means of adaptation are classified by an open coding procedure. The paper shows that a broad diversity of actors is relevant for adaptation in the transport sector – ranging from transportation service providers to public and private sector actors and private households. Most adaptations discussed in the literature require inputs in the form of technical means, institutional means, and knowledge. The review shows that the existing iterature either focuses on overly general and vague proposals, or on detailed technical measures. The paper
concludes that the knowledge on adapting transport to climate change is still in a stage of infancy
and suggests fields for further research.

Adapting to Coastal Climate Change – A Guidebook for Development Planners

The challenges we all must face in adapting to climate variability and change present themselves with increasing
urgency. Nowhere will these challenges be greater than in the developing world where often weak institutions and governance systems struggle to deal with mounting pressures from population growth, inadequate infrastructure, and diminishing or already depleted natural resources….