Adaptation to climate change in forest management

Author(s): David L. Spittlehouse, Robert B. Stewart

Source: BC Journal of Ecosystems and Management. 4(1) | Type: Report | Year: 2003

Adapting to Climate Change – A Risk-based Guide for Local Governments

Author(s): Robert A. Black, James P. Bruce, Mark Egene

Type: Manual / Guide | Year: 2010

Adapting to climate change may be one of the greatest challenges facing northern communities during the next century. This Guide has been written to primarily to assist local and regional governments understand the risks of predicted climate impacts and how to manage them. The Guide should also be useful for health officials, emergency managers, and businesses.

Risk management is a process for selecting the best course of action in uncertain situations. It does this by helping us identify, understand, analyze and communicate about risks. The Guide follows the framework for risk management described in the Canadian national standard “Risk Management: Guidelines for Decision-makers” (CAN/CSA- Q850-01)

Adapting to Coastal Climate Change – A Guidebook for Development Planners

Author(s): United States Agency for International Development

Source: U .S . Agency for International Development. Washington, DC. | Type: Guidebook | Year: 2009

The challenges we all must face in adapting to climate variability and change present themselves with increasing
urgency. Nowhere will these challenges be greater than in the developing world where often weak institutions and governance systems struggle to deal with mounting pressures from population growth, inadequate infrastructure, and diminishing or already depleted natural resources….

Adapting to Climate Change: A Guide for State Coastal Managers – A Great Lakes Supplement

Author(s): Terri Cruce, Eric Yurkovich

Source: NOAA Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management. Silver Spring, MD. | Type: Manual / Guide | Year: 2011

Biodiversity management in the face of climate change: A review of 22 years of recommendations

Author(s): Nicole E. Heller, Erika S. Zavaleta

Source: None | Type: Report | Year: 2008

Climate change creates new challenges for biodiversity conservation. Species ranges and ecological dynamics are already responding to recent climate shifts, and current reserves will not continue to support all species they were designed to protect.

Adapting Conservation Easements to Climate Change

Author(s): Adena R. Rissman, Jessica Owley, M.Rebecca Shaw, Barton Thompson

Source: Conservation Letters. 8(1) | Type: Report | Year: 2014

Perpetual conservation easements (CEs) are popular for restricting development and land use, but their fixed terms create challenges for adaptation to climate change. The increasing pace of environmental and social change demands adaptive